"Feedback from holidaymakers speaks for itself – the word 'immaculate' has appeared more than once in the visitor's book!"

Mike Bradbury (Tremayne Lodge)

Why We Care

Over 10 years of excellence & we still firmly stick by our founding principals of customer focus and a deep care for the properties that we are entrusted to look after. There really is no pleasure in doing anything unless you do it well!

First and foremost it is about uncompromising cleaning & presentation standards. We want guests to be wowed & delighted with their choice of holiday home.

We also know that caring for a holiday property goes well beyond preparing for guests arriving. There are always going to be boiler breakdowns, appliances failing, guests locking themselves out, even cows breaking into the garden...yes we are in Cornwall! It’s how we deal with such issues that further sets up apart. Speed of response, efficiency in getting matters dealt with & working with a smile makes the all the difference.

We have a wonderfully dedicated & fully salaried team of housekeepers & supervisors. We secondary inspect properties after they have been cleaned to ensure all is just perfect for arriving guests. We are on call every day of the week to provide help as & when required.